Working at Deloitte: Job Opportunities and Application Tips

Whether you are looking to build a career in finance, consulting, or IT, working at Deloitte is a great opportunity. A job at Deloitte guarantees high pay and many exciting career prospects. So, what’s the secret behind how to get a job at Deloitte? 

In this guide, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to land your dream job at Deloitte. Read on to find out about Deloitte’s work environment, perks, the application process, and many lucrative jobs at Deloitte. This article will help you uncover whether or not Deloitte is a good place to work. 

Deloitte: Company Background

Deloitte is a global industry leader providing an array of professional services to massive clients. It is one of the big four accounting firms in the world. The company, popularly known as Deloitte, is officially called Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL). 

Deloitte currently employs over 100,000 professionals with expertise across multiple industries. Offering professional services in financial advisory, consulting, risk management, tax, and auditing. Deloitte’s client base includes some of the largest companies in the world, as well as many government agencies. 

Founded in London, England in 1845 by William Welch Deloitte, Deloitte can now be found all over the world, with a particularly large presence in America. The company has expanded its empire by acquiring other consulting, informatics, and data warehousing firms. It even acquired the famous Heat of San Francisco, an advertising agency. 

In the 2022 fiscal year, the aggregate income of the company was a whopping $59.3 billion. Its largest division, the consulting department, experienced a nearly 25 percent revenue increase from 2021. The company also has several networks of member firms, including Deloitte Online, Deloitte Digital, Deloitte Health Informatics, and Deloitte Real Estate. 

Getting a Job at Deloitte

Getting a job at Deloitte can open up many lucrative career opportunities. Deloitte hires professionals from many industries in popular roles including, but not limited to, data analyst, technical consultant, IT manager, financial services expert, and IT assurance officer.  

Deloitte is known to provide great opportunities for recent college graduates. You can use your essential business skills and data analyst skills to secure a position at this company. When working at Deloitte, you are more likely to succeed if you are a quick learner and resonate with the company’s values and goals. In this section, you will learn more about how to get a job at Deloitte and what the application process is like. 

How Hard Is It to Get a Job at Deloitte?

As one of the big four, Deloitte receives an overwhelming number of applications. With over 500,0000 applicants applying for Deloitte job positions, it can be hard to get a job at Deloitte. You are expected to be the industry’s best and a confident professional. According to employee reviews, the hiring process and interview experience are difficult and technical.

To be hired as a Deloitte employee, you will need to know all the technical and general knowledge surrounding the job position. Deloitte also scouts for candidates with great interpersonal skills. You should showcase soft skills if you want to work within the Deloitte consulting division. 

Deloitte Application Process

Deloitte’s overall application process varies according to the candidate’s background. If you are applying as a college student from your campus, you can meet the recruiters at your career fair. If you impress them with your resume and networking, they will offer you an interview slot. You are expected to fill out an application prior to the interview.

However, like every other big firm, you can also apply for a job at Deloitte through its official website. You can search for jobs that match your requirements based on location, skills, and qualifications. The Deloitte application will ask for some personal and educational details. There is also a section to upload a resume and cover letter, and you can also include a link to your LinkedIn profile. 

Make sure your application includes keywords that correspond to the desired skills and experience of the job, also keep your LinkedIn profile updated and professional. This is an important step as you can move past the initial AI system which automatically filters applications based on keywords. After you apply, you can check your Deloitte application status at any time by logging into the profile you created on Deloitte’s website. 

Deloitte Interview Process

The Deloitte interview process is pretty straightforward. Usually, within two weeks of applying, you will be notified and, if selected, will proceed through to a general phone interview. If you do well, you will move forward to the following round of interviews. 

The company usually has two to three rounds of interviews depending on the job. The interviews get more and more technical as they progress. You will also be interviewed on case-based and behavioral aspects. 

Deloitte Careers: Job Titles and Descriptions

A professional working at Delottie on a Mac computer.
If you are interested in working at Delottie, many different career opportunities are available.

Deloitte careers offer many great job opportunities for professionals in a variety of fields. Whether you work within the Deloitte consulting or in the health informatics division, there are lots of opportunities for career advancement within the company. Below are some of the best jobs available at Deloitte. 

Business Analyst

  • Average salary: $86,115
  • Benefits: 401K plan, dental, health, vision, and life insurance, and employee discounts
  • Level: Mid-career
  • Required Experience: At Least 3 years of work experience in relevant fields
  • Required Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Business Tech, Computer Science or a related field

The business analyst position at Deloitte is one of the most popular positions. As an analyst, you are expected to help find solutions to improve the overall business operations and systems. You are responsible for identifying the problems and analyzing solutions that work both for the business and the clients. 

You can become a good business analyst at Deloitte by working to find innovative solutions and effectively collaborating with multiple parties. Your work will help ensure the company has a positive business outlook. You must possess key business analyst skills to succeed in this position. 

Data Engineer

  • Average salary: $109,004
  • Benefits: 401K plan, dental, health, vision, and life insurance, and employee discounts
  • Level: Early-career

In this Deloitte career, professionals are responsible for customer data implementation and management. As a data engineer, you are expected to be fluent in data science. You can achieve this by enrolling in data science courses

Your role primarily includes meeting client data requirements by offering solutions. You are expected to have experience in design patterns and cloud tools. There are also many opportunities to advance to a senior position, so having management skills will prove very helpful to you. 

Artificial Intelligence Senior Consultant 

  • Average salary: $114,779
  • Benefits: 401K plan, dental, health, vision, and life insurance, and employee discounts
  • Level: Mid-career
  • Required Experience: 3+ years as an analytics consultant and 2+ years of leading workstreams 
  • Required Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, Engineering, or any relevant field 

The artificial intelligence senior consultant at Deloitte will be in charge of the AI systems of the company. That includes machine learning, chatbots, virtual assistants, and more. You are expected to design, build, develop, and deploy solutions for the AI enterprises of the company. 

Deloitte prefers consultants with experience in Apache open source frameworks. You are also expected to have in-depth skills in the user interface using Java. You will also be responsible for managing an analytics and design AI team at the company.

Cyber Data Protection Manager 

  • Average salary: $149,652
  • Benefits: 401K plan, dental, health, vision, and life insurance, and employee discounts
  • Level: Senior
  • Required Experience: 5+ years of relevant work experience
  • Required Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Cybersecurity, Information Systems Security, or Information Technology 

As a cyber data protection manager, you are expected to confront the security challenges faced by business systems. Your role revolves around maintaining, monitoring, and fixing IT system errors. You will work with Deloitte’s clients, including federal clients, to remove the risk of cybersecurity threats. 

In this role, you will need excellent consulting skills, soft skills, and communication skills. Make sure to also list software skills on your resume when applying for this position. To be a competent cyber data protection manager, you must stay updated on the newest technologies and trends in the industry. 

Cloud Infrastructure Architect

  • Average salary: $210,009
  • Benefits: 401K plan, dental, health, vision, and life insurance, and employee discounts
  • Level: Senior
  • Required Experience: At least 7 years of infrastructure architecture experience and 2+ years of experience in micro-services architecture 
  • Required Education: Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field

This is a lead position in which professionals support teams in building and implementing cloud solutions Working on behalf of enterprise clients, cloud infrastructure architects will work on both public and private cloud systems, as well as those that are a mix of the two. 

Responsibilities of this position include optimizing the cost of cloud systems, planning out system migrations to the cloud, and creating and documenting technical designs. In addition, this position requires professionals to stay continually updated on emerging technologies and trends in cloud technology. 

What Is it Like Working at Deloitte?

Deloitte is a company that focuses on job performance and overall productivity. The company is known for its highly qualified staff, with a strong work ethic, always working to outdo their previous performance. With regular evaluations, it can be a challenging, high-pressure work environment. 

If you are excited by regular new challenges, and working with the best in the industry, then this company is for you. Deloitte is a particularly great company for recent college graduates because they will have the chance to learn from the industry best while getting amazing compensation.

Besides the professional work environment, there are many other advantages of working at Deloitte. If you are looking for a place that encourages leadership, this is your chance. Below are some of the best features of working at the company that have been highlighted by many reviews about working at Deloitte.

Competitive Salary

Deloitte offers some of the highest salaries across the market, and even entry-level jobs are compensated generously. On top of a great salary, employees in management or higher-level positions can also enjoy additional benefits, including access to expense accounts and reimbursement for any company expenses related to leisure activity. 

Employee Benefits

Deloitte’s employee benefits include a wide variety of perks. In addition to traditional paid time off that carries over if unused, the company offers up to 16 weeks of paid family leave in the event of a birth or adoption or for caring for a family member. Deloitte also offers employees up to $50,000 to cover adoption or surrogacy costs. Employees can also take advantage of emergency dependent care, paid sabbaticals, and pet insurance coverage. 

Deloitte’s careers also come with comprehensive medical coverage. This includes everything from dental to vision to gender dysmorphia-related procedures. Another way that Deloitte prioritizes its employee’s health is by offering a $1,000 well-being subsidy each year. 

Lastly, professionals working at Deloitte also have access to retirement and life insurance plans. The company even offers a contribution-matching agreement, which is fully vested after just three years of employment. 

Travel Opportunities

The majority of Deloitte employees are hired in the consulting division. As part of the consulting team, your job will include a lot of traveling. For those who love traveling, you will get plenty of opportunities to fly to different states. Even outside of the consulting division, employees may also be expected to travel. 

Keep in mind that traveling can sometimes be tiresome, so be wary and thoroughly read the job roles and requirements before applying. If consulting and traveling sounds like your forte, then we recommend taking courses to improve your management skills, technology skills, and general professional skills so that you are qualified for a consultancy position. 

Career Trajectory 

Working at Deloitte can present you with massive career opportunities. You can advance your career with Deloitte, but you will also gain experience that will improve your chance of securing employment at any of the Fortune 500 companies.

According to the firm’s employees, Deloitte offers a defined career path and promotion process. You will even have the opportunity to get on the partner track within 12 years of your career, although this is dependent on your overall performance and work attitude. 

The overall career trajectory at the company is very positive. Deloitte offers great benefits and perks as you progress through your career. 

Company Culture

The company culture at Deloitte is said to be tough, male-dominated, and sometimes stressful, according to Deloitte reviews posted on Indeed. However, this may vary based on office location because many other former employees say that they experienced a great company culture and found it to be very supportive. 

Deloitte is a large corporation, and every office may have its own working environment. Overall, employees can expect the company culture at Deloitte to be competitive, but that will also likely come with many benefits.

What Does It Take to Get a Job at Deloitte?

A career at Deloitte requires 100 percent dedication toward your work. While working at Deloitte, you are constantly evaluated and expected to top your previous performances. To succeed in a Deloitte career, you have to stand out and be one of the best candidates. 

You can practice your interview and communication skills by using the variety of online resources available and going over common interview questions. Be sure to highlight your best qualifications and skills to impress the hiring manager. 

Working at Deloitte FAQ

How many employees does Deloitte have?

According to Statista, Deloitte has 411,950 employees globally. However, the company reports that 121,693 of those employees work within the United States. As the company continues to grow, the number of people it employs increases each year. 

Are there remote jobs at Deloitte?

There is a wide range of remote jobs at Deloitte. These include positions ranging from copywriter to cyber strategy consultant to SalesForce solution analyst. Remote jobs at Deloitte give employees greater flexibility while still allowing them to reap the rewards of working for the renowned company. 

How do you get selected for Deloitte?

To get a job working at Deloitte, you need to set yourself apart as a skilled candidate. Deloitte receives a massive amount of applications, so you need to make sure you don’t get lost in the sea of job seekers. Having internship experience, certifications, and certain software skills can help you stand out. 

How much do Deloitte consultants make?

Consultants at Deloitte make an average of $95,627, according to Glassdoor. In addition to the high annual consultant salary at Deloitte, professionals also receive a wide variety of benefits that include a well-being stipend, a robust retirement plan, and medical coverage. 

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