University of Manchester Coding Boot Camp: Cost, Review, and Guide

DISCLAIMER: The University of Manchester no longer offers coding bootcamp programs in partnership with Trilogy Education Services.

The University of Manchester has a long and interesting history, dating back to the 1820s. In the early 2000s, it was formed by merging two much older institutions, the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology and Victoria University of Manchester. Due to its rich history, there are many positive University of Manchester Coding Boot Camp reviews.

The University of Manchester worked with Trilogy Education Services to establish a web development coding bootcamp, bringing the school’s career and technical education into the 21st century. 

You don’t need to be an enrolled student at the university to attend this coding bootcamp, as any adult can apply to increase their coding knowledge and job prospects. In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about the University of Manchester’s coding bootcamp.

University of Manchester Boot Camp Review

Coding bootcamps are a new form of career and technical education, and they haven’t been around that long. These programs, which originally gained popularity in the United States, are designed to teach students how to code using languages currently relevant in the tech industry. Most of all, these programs are designed to help you get a job. 

One could argue that coding bootcamps didn’t really become popular until around 2014, and the novelty of these programs left a big gap in online review sites. The coding bootcamp at the University of Manchester is also quite new, which means there aren’t many reviews of the school at this time. However, just because there aren’t many reviews doesn’t mean we’re out of luck. 

Trilogy Education Services uses a standardized system to create their web development bootcamps, and hundreds of other students have already left exceedingly positive reviews for other similar schools, such as the University of Arizona

University of Manchester Coding Boot Camp Cost

English pounds fanned out in preparation for the payment of a University of Manchester coding bootcamp.
A University of Manchester coding bootcamp is an investment in your career prospects.

There isn’t much data on average tuition costs for coding bootcamps. In order to find out how much coding bootcamps usually cost in the UK, we did some research. Generally, similar coding bootcamps cost between £4,000 and £10,000, and deposits are often required to secure a spot. A £1,000 deposit is required to secure a place in the University of Manchester’s coding bootcamp, which costs £7,000 + VAT. 

Remember that coding bootcamp is a short-term investment with long-term returns. The university reports that 75 percent of businesses in the United Kingdom report a digital skills shortage, and there are over 1.6 million technology jobs. Thousands of companies need your skills if you attend a coding bootcamp in the UK. In exchange for the price, you could earn more income and open doors to opportunities.


Instructors at this coding bootcamp must meet Trilogy’s qualifications. From what we see in other bootcamp reviews, students are generally very happy with the quality of instruction they receive in Trilogy programs.

Overall, the majority of students on many Trilogy coding bootcamp review pages specifically mention instructors as a highlight of their experience. However, instructors can’t always manage the needs of an entire class all at once. That’s why these bootcamps hire knowledgeable teacher’s assistants to pick up the slack, and students seem pleased with the results. 


A planner laid open to prepare a student’s University of Manchester coding bootcamp schedule.
Make sure you clear your schedule for this University of Manchester coding bootcamp.

The coding bootcamp at the University of Manchester lasts twenty-four weeks or six months. This part-time program requires student attendance in the afternoons and evenings for a couple of days a week, along with an additional four-hour class on Saturdays. Many students prefer part-time schedules, especially if they work or attend university during the day. 

Students report success in managing other activities while attending part-time Trilogy coding bootcamps, which is why this schedule is the most popular offered by university coding bootcamps. 

During this program, you’ll spend ten to twelve hours in class each week, plus twenty hours of work and study. Many students take less time to complete homework assignments, but it’s best to clear your schedule just in case. Your home assignments will give you a chance to build your portfolio and increase your job prospects.

Bootcamp Curriculum

A computer screen with lines of code.
As you might expect, you’ll be doing a lot of coding during a University of Manchester coding bootcamp.

The curriculum at this coding bootcamp is intense. After all, they don’t call it a coding ‘bootcamp’ for nothing—you should expect to spend lots of hours studying and practicing complex coding languages, all of which are necessary to develop entry-level web development skills. 

The full stack web development coding bootcamp at the University of Manchester features HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Express.js, React.js, Node.js, Bootstrap, Database Theory, MySQL, MongoDB, Git, Command Line, and other tools and coding languages. 

It’s important to learn all of these because they’re in great demand in the web development sector today. With these skills, you’ll be able to design, build, and manage all kinds of websites and online tools. 

Most web developers specialize in one specific area, and you’ll be able to build specialized skills with the foundation laid by the University of Manchester’s coding bootcamp. Coding bootcamp can be tough, and it takes some resilience and focus to succeed. However, you can greatly increase your chances of success in the program if you are familiar with the definition of bootcamp and what these programs exactly entail.


Reddit is a great place to find honest opinions about a wide range of subjects. For some reason, coding bootcamps are a hot topic amongst Redditors, and there’s no shortage of heavily opinionated discussion on the forum. 

Regardless of where you stand, it’s important to get a variety of perspectives on an issue, especially if it can change your job prospects. Unfortunately, there isn’t much on Reddit about the coding bootcamp at the University of Manchester. However, as the program ages, that may change—so if you’re interested in finding out more about the program through Reddit, be sure to check back regularly and see if any new information has arrived.  

University of Manchester Coding Boot Camp Job Placement

A building with multiple flags of the United Kingdom hanging from it.
This University of Manchester coding bootcamp can prepare you to work in the UK’s growing tech industry.

Job placement is a major selling point of coding bootcamps, and it’s important to consider if you want to attend. At this time, Trilogy doesn’t publish these statistics. In fact, many coding bootcamps don’t publish job placement rates, as it can be difficult to produce reliable results from a small sample size. The bootcamps that do publish stats often claim that between 70 percent and 90 percent of graduates land a job in tech within six months. 

If we want to look at anecdotes, there are plenty of reviews on Course Report, written by students who found jobs in tech after graduation. If you’re worried about finding employment, you can rest assured that the bootcamp provides resources to help you prepare for the job search. 

The coding bootcamp at the University of Manchester offers career counseling services, which many students report is extremely helpful in preparing them for the job search. Remember, this program doesn’t offer any job guarantees—but if you apply the same effort to the job search that you did in the bootcamp, you should have a great chance of finding a job. 

Is the University of Manchester Coding Boot Camp Worth It?

According to University of Manchester Coding Boot Camp reviews, the program is worth it. It provides a comprehensive curriculum to its students in a flexible manner. This program is curated by industry professionals with many years of real-world experience. The program also offers career services once a student graduates.

Due to its robust and top-caliber nature, the University of Manchester Coding Boot Camp is worth the investment. Students who partake in this program will enter the technology sector with knowledge of the newest tools and skills they need to succeed and become industry experts.

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