UCF Coding Bootcamp: Reviews, Cost, and Guide

When you want to get ahead in business, you need to have skills that are in high demand. Software engineers are a cornerstone of the modern business world, and folks with the right coding skills command excellent salaries. 

When you work as a programmer, you get to tackle tricky problems and can write your own ticket, which is why university coding bootcamps like the one at the University of Central Florida are an excellent choice for working people who want to change careers or enhance their current ones.

We created this guide to provide you with the facts so that you can find the ideal bootcamp for your needs. In this article, you’ll find information on where you’ll go for UCF bootcamp and the sort of topics you’ll be learning. We’ll also get to know the UCF bootcamp instructors, find out how much the courses will cost you, and learn what other folks have to say about the bootcamp.

UCF Coding Bootcamp Courses

Description The UCF bootcamps provide a wide range of in-demand skills in coding, data, digital marketing, and UI/UX. Each online coding bootcamp provides students with real-world experience through complex projects, instructor-led classes, and video tutorials and lessons.

Each UCF coding bootcamp provides students with the job-relevant skills they need to graduate and change career paths. Many coding jobs are lucrative and highly sought after due to their attractive work-life balance.

After a student successfully finishes a bootcamp they will gain access to a range of career services provided by the UCF division of continuing education. The career team will help you create a professional portfolio, conduct portfolio reviews, and provide career coaching.

Cost $8,295-$12,745
Location Online
Start Dates Classes begin quarterly
Class Time Full-Time Program: 20 hrs./wk.
Part-Time Program: 9 hrs./wk.
Program Duration Full-Time Program: 12 weeks
Part-Time Program: 18-24 weeks
Part-Time Courses Coding Boot Camp, Data Analytics Boot Camp, Digital Marketing Boot Camp, UI/UX Boot Camp
Full-Time Courses Coding Boot Camp

Top UCF Coding Bootcamps

UCF’s coding bootcamps teach students the programming skills they need to succeed in a career in tech. There are many facets to technology, and there is no one size fits all approach. Therefore, UCF has created four different types of bootcamps to cover additional technologies and skills that are becoming increasingly popular.

In addition to providing career services, these UCF coding bootcamps help students explore different career paths after graduation. Keep reading to discover what each bootcamp has to offer.

UCF Coding Bootcamp

During the UCF Coding Boot Camp, students learn the programming skills they need to become successful software engineers, full-stack web developers, or ethical hackers. Industry professionals with many years of experience teach this full-stack curriculum. This class can be taken on a full-time or part-time basis. The part-time program is a 24 week online program, while the full-time program is only 12 weeks.

What you will learn at UCF Coding Bootcamp:

  • Front End Frameworks. The UCF online coding bootcamp teaches students the foundational knowledge they need to understand front end frameworks. Front-end web development involves the transformation of data into a graphical interface that users can observe and interact with through CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.
  • Back End Frameworks. This portion of the UCF coding bootcamp teaches students about the fact that thousands of businesses around the world depend on backend frameworks to develop their applications. In order to achieve optimal performance and scalability, developers must choose the right backend framework. 
  • Programming Languages. The University of Central Florida coding bootcamp also teaches and refreshes students in a wide range of programming languages and skills. Some of the programming languages that are being taught are CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and MongoDB.

UCF Data Analytics Bootcamp

This part-time UCF data analytics bootcamp provides students with real data sets to gain hands-on experience with the industry knowledge they need to conquer the job market. It also provides students with experience using in-demand tools. This program is ideal for students with basic programming experience. It is a dedicated online bootcamp that runs for 24 weeks, part-time.

What you will learn at UCF Data Analytics Bootcamp:

  • Front End Web Visualization. This full stack curriculum extensively covers front end web visualization. It teaches students how to manipulate data with programming tools and languages to create graphs, charts, and other visuals to illustrate data and trends.
  • Python Programming. The UCF data analytics bootcamp teaches students about Python programming. It specifically covers API interactions, Pandas, NumPy, and Python 3. Students will be able to use the Python programing language when manipulating data sets.
  • Fundamental Statistics. Students will learn how to perform modeling and forecasting. The bootcamp will also provide them with experience with tools that assist in modeling and forecasting to ensure a thorough and comprehensive understanding is obtained.

UCF Digital Marketing Bootcamp

The UCF digital marketing bootcamp will provide you with a comprehensive digital marketing curriculum that will prepare you for a job in digital advertising. This program prepares job seekers with job-relevant skills in as little as 18 weeks. Individuals only need to dedicate a small portion of time per week to complete the bootcamp, making it ideal for full-time working professionals looking to switch careers.

What you will learn at UCF Digital Marketing Bootcamp:

  • Optimization. Through this portion of the UCF digital marketing bootcamp, you will learn campaign analysis technical skills that will assist you in optimizing websites and content for potential employers. Students can use this work to create a strong portfolio for later use during job hunting.
  • Marketing Strategy. The UCF digital marketing bootcamp will provide students with marketing strategy fundamentals through a comprehensive hands-on approach. Students will gain proficiency in marketing strategy and implementation.
  • Advertising. This aspect of the UCF Digital Marketing Boot Camp will teach students to use Google Analytics, Google Ads, and other modern tools as an aid in advertising. Students will learn a broad array of techniques that can be implemented when utilizing paid advertisement, automation strategy, and customer relationship management.

UCF UX/UI Bootcamp

The UCF UX/UI Boot Camp provides dynamic curricula in design methodology and responsive design. This multidisciplinary approach requires minimal experience in UX/UI design. Students will gain foundational design software skills and a deep understanding of visual design theory. This is all bundled into a comprehensive curriculum curated by an industry professional.

What you will learn at UCF UX/UI Bootcamp:

  • Prototyping Technologies. Visual prototyping and web prototyping are taught in this UCF UX/UI bootcamp. Users will learn how to use a broad array of technologies such as Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, Adobe XD, Figma, and InVision to create a stunning interface design.
  • User Design Research. The UCF UX/UI bootcamp provides students with the foundational skills they need to perform quantitative and qualitative research, understand insight synthesis, and persona creation. Through this portion of the class, adult learners will understand how to incorporate user feedback into their work.
  • Interface Development. This portion of the UCF UX/UI bootcamp focuses on building responsive websites. The core curriculum revolves around color theory, typography, and atomic design.

UCF Bootcamp Locations

In order to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, UCF has decided to remove its coding bootcamps from its campus and to incorporate them within its online curriculum instead. As a result, students are now able to learn from the comfort of their homes instead of having to travel to the campus every day to attend class. 

These online courses also provide flexibility for learners who are also full-time working professionals. Students can attend classes part-time or full-time, depending on their needs and availability. These classes occur via video lessons and also as live lectures. Although these courses have been turned into online offerings, they are still as impressive as their predecessors.

UCF Boot Camps Reviews

Two people putting their hands in the air with their thumbs up, expressing their fondness of the UCF coding bootcamp offerings.
UFC coding bootcamps have overall positive reviews from alumni.

Former UCF bootcamp students have provided feedback about the program on the school review sites. Course Report’s page for the bootcamp has an average review rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, and Career Karma users provide an average rating of four and a half out of five. The reviewers have a lot to say about UCF bootcamp’s TA system, and they also appreciated the school’s pace and curriculum. One student reported:

“Although the bootcamp is very fast paced there is a tremendous amount of support to help you succeed. The TA’s and Tutors go above and beyond to pelted office hours and are readily available on slack. Career services is a wonderful service that most other schools and bootcamps do not provide. They assist in preparation for interviews and provide resources for finding employment.”

One former student credits the bootcamp with instilling a love of programming in him, leading him to multiple job opportunities. The reviewer was especially happy about Trilogy Education Services’ involvement and felt that the company worked well with the school to provide a substantial and relevant educational experience. Another reviewer was impressed by the bootcamp’s employment assistance options and thought the school’s support network was a huge asset.

UCF Bootcamp Admissions Process

Whether you are enrolling in the digital marketing program or the UCF Coding Boot Camp you will still need to go through the steps of the admissions process. UCF coding bootcamps provide practical applications that can be filled out online. Once the application process is complete, they reach out to students to inform them of their decision. Below is an overview of each step of the admission process.

  • Choose a bootcamp. First, it is important to pick a UCF bootcamp that fits your needs and interests. If you pick a University of Central Florida bootcamp that does not fit your interests or your needs, you may regret your decision later on.
  • Enroll Online. After selecting a UCF bootcamp, go to the University of Central Florida coding bootcamp admissions page on their website. Here you will find the application form that is required as part of enrollment. Fill out the application, accept the terms of the enrollment agreement and submit the application.
  • Take Part in an Admissions Interview. Once your application gets past the first round of cuts, an admissions advisor will contact you. This admissions department requires each individual to partake in an interview before making a determination for their enrollment status .
  • Partake in a problem-solving assessment. If the student passes the enrollment interview, they will then move on to the problem-solving assessment. This assessment tests students’ abilities to work on complex projects and problems without major intervention from a professor or a peer, which is critical for self-paced bootcamp learning.
  • Multiple-Choice and Critical Thinking Assessment. After taking part in the problem-solving assessment, the student will need to partake in a multiple choice critical thinking assessment. This assessment ensures admissions advisors that you are a good fit for the curriculum and have the cognizant abilities to thrive as you learn.

UCF Boot Camps Tuition & Costs

Like most students, you’re likely concerned about the University of Central Florida coding bootcamp tuition. Programs at the UCF coding bootcamp will set you back between $8,295 and $12,745. That’s certainly not chump change, but you’ll find those rates to be right in the middle of the pack when it comes to bootcamp prices.

Many bootcamps provide the same caliber of training as UCF but will cost you twice as much. You can make payment arrangements to cover expenses, and the school has $500 scholarships available as well. You can also use your G.I. Bill benefits to pay for classes, and there’s a promising federal program called EQUIP that you might qualify for.

You’ll make good money as a full stack web developer, but figuring out how to pay for the education you need to earn that paycheck can be overwhelming. That’s why you should make sure to double-check the University of Central Florida coding bootcamp tuition costs and ensure you select the right payment option.

UCF Bootcamp Payment Options

UCF Bootcamps do not come with a small price tag, so many students wonder what the financing options are once they are admitted to the program. Luckily, there are many flexible payment options available from UCF. Below we have outlined the options you can choose from when paying for your new bootcamp.

Upfront Payment

If you are economically stable and have extra cash on hand, you can choose to pay for the entire bootcamp tuition cost upfront. This means you will make one large payment that covers the $8,295+ bill you will get after enrollment.

Interest-Free Payment Plan

For those who are not as economically stable, you can choose to place a down payment on the course and split the rest of the payments into monthly installments. Monthly installments are determined by the deposit size you provide. The smaller the deposit, the larger the monthly installment.

Private Scholarships or Financial Aid

Many students look to see if UCF bootcamp financial aid is available. Currently, there are no financial aid services available for the UCF bootcamps. Students are able to research private scholarships or financial aid on their own and apply those funds to their outstanding bootcamp balance.


Another alternative is to take out a student loan for the bootcamp. A student loan has relatively comfortable interest rates. The monthly installments are also spread out over longer periods of time, making it easier to cover.

UCF Bootcamp Instructors

You might not realize it but aside from your parents, your teachers have probably affected your life more than anyone. Great teachers make learning a positive experience and do their best to ensure that all of their students succeed. 

Your bootcamp instructors will be teaching you skills that you’ll use throughout your professional lifetime, so finding a school with top-notch instructors needs to be one of your highest priorities. This may lead you to the question, who teaches UCF coding bootcamp?

UCF bootcamp hires instructors from the business sector, which means that you’ll get trained by industry professionals who have decades of experience and a hankering to create the next wave of programmers. 

You’ll be able to meet one-on-one with teachers and teaching assistants throughout the course, and, by the time you graduate, you’ll have the practical knowledge that can make or break your first developer gig.

UCF Boot Camps Schedule

A student learning from a UCF coding bootcamp with three screens.
Find a UCF coding bootcamp that fits your schedule for a better learning experience.

As you move along in the bootcamp selection process, you’ll have to make some big decisions. You’ll first need to pick your bootcamp, but once you’ve done that, you’ll need to go through the entrance rigamarole that includes an extensive interview to ensure that you’re ready for the coursework. Then, you’ll need to find a UCF coding bootcamp schedule that will allow you to attend class without sacrificing your personal life.

At UCF coding bootcamp, you can choose between full- and part-time courses. If you attend a full-time bootcamp, you’ll be eating, breathing, and sleeping programming training and can plan on being in class twenty hours a week for twelve weeks. 

If you need to slim down your weekly UCF coding bootcamp schedule in favor of sleep and family, you can go for a part-time schedule, which will have you taking nine virtual in-class hours a week for eighteen to twenty-four weeks. Both plans are available at all campus locations.

UCF Boot Camps Curriculum

With all of the focus on bootcamps, a lot of attention has been paid to the UCF coding bootcamp curriculum. An ideal UCF coding bootcamp curriculum provides a good foundation and doesn’t skimp on less-common issues that you might run across.

UCF Coding Boot Camp students will learn Python, Java, C#, and Amazon Web Services, which are in-demand technologies. It also covers the importance of command line and provides adult learners with lots of resources and additional knowledge to excel in their field.

UCF Data Analytics and Visualization Boot Camp provides individuals with the practical and technical skills they need to analyze and solve complex data problems online. This UCF bootcamp teaches students to manipulate data to enhance it and provide a digital rendering of the data that is easy to understand and visualize.

UCF Digital Marketing Boot Camp provides a deep understanding of Google Ads, Google Analytics, SEO optimization, social media marketing, and much more. This program aims to develop proficiency in marketing strategy, campaign development, digital advertising, and site analytics and reporting by taking a multidisciplinary approach.

UCF UX/UI bootcamp students learn the process of Using user-centered design and creative tools, students learn both the theory and tools used by modern designers, building compelling designs and user experiences through immersive instruction and complex projects.

UCF Coding Bootcamp Job Placement

There is no guarantee of job placement at UCF bootcamps. In addition to providing job assistance and support, UCF bootcamps offer career services. Additionally, UCF bootcamps provides career material advisors and career coaches to all students in order to assist them in finding employment. 

Through the assistance of these professionals, you will be able to create a resume as well as a social media profile. As part of the recruitment process, a mock interview and portfolio review will be conducted.

You will have access to these mentoring sessions and career coaching opportunities outside of class hours. It is also possible to identify and pursue opportunities with the assistance of tutors and peers. Furthermore, UCF bootcamps works with 260 employer partners, including industry leaders, to match students with future employers and provide full-time employment opportunities.

Is the UCF Coding Bootcamp Worth It?

Yes, all of the UCF coding bootcamps are worth it. It is important to note that these bootcamps are designed by professionals in the industry and are offered by accredited universities that aim to provide top-notch education to students in all settings, traditional or otherwise. Each class is taught with modern tools, technology, and trends in mind, ensuring students acquire the most up-to-date information possible.

Many prior students have reported new job growth and opportunities after completing a UCF bootcamp. Not only do these new opportunities provide students with new opportunities, it also provides them with more lucrative salaries and benefits. Thus, further supporting that the UCF coding bootcamps are worth it.

UCF Coding Bootcamp FAQ

What programs does the UCF bootcamp offer?

There are four UCF bootcamps offered. UCF offers full-time (12-week) and part-time (24-week) coding courses, along with a part-time data analytics course. An 18-week digital marketing bootcamp is also available. These courses are taught through an online learning experience.

How much does the UCF bootcamp cost?

UCF coding bootcamp tuition costs between $8,295 and $12,745 per bootcamp. The cost can be offset with private scholarships, loans, or interest-free payment plans provided by the UCF bootcamp administration.

Does UCF offer college credit through its bootcamp?

No, UCF coding bootcamps do not provide college credits. However, bootcamp graduates earn a coding certificate from the university. This certificate provides students with tangible evidence that they have successfully completed a course and have the job-relevant skills they need to succeed in the tech industry.

Is the UCF coding bootcamp hard to get into?

Yes, the UCF coding bootcamp is hard to get into. This is because there is an extensive enrollment process that each prospective student must participate in before being accepted to the program. Students must enroll online, pass an interview screening, and pass two assessments before learning whether or not they will be accepted into the program.

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