New jobs in Physicians Ambulance Service of Indiana, LLC company

Van Drivers should be neat and presentable to the public. They have to have an excellent driving record.

They have to learn to strap the wheel chairs down properly. Put the chest strap on them along with the lap belt. Both straps on the lift have to be used according to policy. If clients are not in a wheel chair and can walk, they have to have seat belts on before leaving the facility.

Van drivers need to obey all traffic laws and be careful of corners they turn and not to exceed the speed limit.

Van drivers take turns being on call from 8a to 8a and have 45 minutes to be at the office for the call. They have to maintain a phone where they can be reached when on call. If the schedule has been made out and there is a day where they cannot work it is up to them to find their own relief.

If the driver feels like the client is not safe in a wheel chair and will not sit safely in a wheel chair he can refused to transport and call dispatch and notify them that it is not safe to transport in a wheel chair. The facility then will call dispatch and arrange for ambulance transport.