New jobs in City of Dallas, TX company

Position Purpose

The Executive Assistant provides extensive administrative support to executives and department heads. Performs research, report writing, coordination of tasks and schedules, making various executive arrangements, and assisting other administrative projects to ensure effective division operations. For position in Aviation Department: working knowledge of City policies and procedures to include procurement and budget process. Candidate must be proficient in scheduling, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Essential Functions

1 Provides professional support and assistance for executive staff; organizes and schedules meetings, maintains calendar, prepares important documents, coordinates time and deadline logistics, answers phones, and provides exceptional administrative support.

2 Assists, supports, and participates in the hiring and personnel management processes; initiates requisitions, provides correct forms, participates in interviews, and supports personnel actions; provides training and professional development opportunities as requested.

3 Performs secretarial and clerical duties to support a manager or group of managers; answers telephone, takes messages, and schedules appointments.

4 Provides interpretation of processes, procedures, and policies; directs staff and answers questions regarding rules, regulations or policies.

5 Conducts research on assigned subjects, secures materials for use in preparation of reports, composes correspondence and speeches, writes reports, and obtains various documents upon request to assist management.

6 Participates in the creation of agenda items for specific department; notices staff of deadlines and ensures appropriate documents have been uploaded; ensures agenda briefing binders are ready for staff.

7 Participates in the budget process and reviews expenditures to ensure expenses remain within budgeted limits; serves as a travel coordinator and manages all logistics.

8 Performs any and all other work as needed or assigned.

Minimum Qualifications


Bachelor’s degree in a business/public administration or social science field.


Three (3) years of experience providing management/executive-level support involving research/investigation of public policy issues, project management, budget development/analysis, citizen/customer service response/ complaint resolution, or program development/implementation.


High school diploma or GED plus seven (7) years of the required experience will meet the education and experience requirements
Associate’s degree in any field plus five (5) years of the required experience will meet the education and experience requirements
Bachelor’s degree (or higher) in a non-specified field plus five (5) years of the required experience will meet the education and experience requirements
Master’s degree (or higher) in a specified field plus one (1) year of the required experience will meet the education and experience requirements


Effective oral and written communication skills
MS Office or similar software skills

Supplemental Information

Knowledge and Skills

1 Knowledge of correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

2 Knowledge of public administration.

3 Knowledge of the City’s payroll, accounting, or purchasing procedures

4 Ability to use office machines including, copier, fax machine.

5 Ability to coordinate meetings, travel, and detailed schedules.

6 Ability to write, clear and accurate reports.

7 Ability to deal tactfully and courteously with the public and other city employees.

8 Ability to handle difficult and unusual situations.

9 Ability to analyze information and develop sound conclusions.

10 Communicating effectively verbally and in writing.

11 Establishing and maintaining strong working relationships.

The salary listed on the job posting is the starting salary range; amount offered will depend upon qualifications.

For evaluation purposes, acceptable qualifying experience for all positions must have been in a paid capacity unless noted otherwise in the minimum qualifications for the posted position.

Additionally, 30+ hours per week will be counted as full-time employment and will receive full credit for the amount of time employed. A minimum of 15 through 29 work hours per week will be counted as part-time employment and will receive half credit for the amount of time employed.