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Position Purpose

The Utility Billing Specialist II provides lead customer service tasks in response to customer billing inquires, complaints, or request that require judgment and independent decision- making. Performs complex customer account maintenance activates and related work as required with minimal supervision.

Essential Functions

1 Processes, performs, and performs advance changes, updates, or corrections in SAP billing system to support accurate and efficient billing process; provides assistance to lower level billing personnel to ensure accuracy in billing.
2 Reviews complex invoices and exception reports to determine actions needed to maintain accurate and timely billing.
3 Performs various collection and customer service activities to include contacting customers by phones, making payment arrangements, correcting and resubmitting invoices to internal and external collection department.
4 Utilizes accounting debit and credit principles to evaluate account payables and receivables to explain and evaluate account history.
5 Performs lead level clerical, analysis, and data entry related to payments received and customer accounts; opens, closes, and transfers accounts and performs adjustments to accounts; performs audits of billing transactions
6 Researches, investigates, and monitors utility account transactions to respond to customer inquiries concerning billings, payments, fees, adjustments, disconnects, rereads, and consumption issues.
7 Trains new employees on policies and procedures related to utility billing processes.
8 Performs delinquency processing including issuing various notices and service orders in preparation for liens, collection and write offs; balances and reconciles accounts; prepares refunds of over payments on accounts.
9 Prepares clear and concise spreadsheets and correspondence at a basic level.
10 Performs any and all other work as needed or assigned.

Minimum Qualifications


High school diploma or GED.


Three (3) years billing, accounts payable or financial record keeping experience.


One (1) year SAP utility billing system experience which involved: data entry, account maintenance, analyzing/trouble shooting accounts, customer inquiries/complaint resolution or reconciliation of account receivables.


Associate’s degree (or higher) in a business or public administration field plus one (1) year of the required experience including one (1) year of the stated SAP utility billing system experience will meet the education and experience requirement.


Effective oral and written communications skills.
MS Office or similar software skills.
Ability to work extensively with numbers and perform reconciliation of account receivables.
Ability to obtain SAP User License Certification within probationary period.

Supplemental Information

The salary listed on this job posting is the starting salary range; amount offered will depend upon qualifications. For evaluation purposes, acceptable qualifying experience for all positions must have been in a paid capacity unless noted otherwise in the minimum qualifications for the posted position. Additionally, 30+ hours per week will be counted as full-time employment and will receive full credit for the amount of time employed. A minimum of 15 through 29 work hours per week will be counted as part-time employment and will receive half credit for the amount of time employed.