Is It Hard to Get a Job at Google as a Coding Bootcamp Graduate?

Almost everyone in the tech industry wants to work at Google, Apple, Facebook (Meta), Netflix, or Microsoft, known as the Big Five. Google and its parent company Alphabet typically employ the most qualified technology graduates globally. If you’ve attended a coding bootcamp, you might be wondering, does Google hire bootcamp graduates? 

The answer is yes, there are jobs for coding bootcamp grads at Google. This guide will teach you everything you need to know to start your job search and get a job at Google as a bootcamp graduate. We will also look at a list of Google jobs for bootcamp grads, along with insights into what the tech giant looks for in its employees.

What Employers Think of Bootcamp Grads

Employers are beginning to move away from degree requirements, one study by Harvard Business Review found. Instead, they turn to skills-based hiring, a form of recruitment that is based on specific competency requirements. This is essentially what coding bootcamps aim to achieve. Coding bootcamps do not get you jobs directly but they provide technical training and guidance that can help you break into tech. 

But the question remains: Do coding bootcamps get you jobs? As evident in Career Karma’s State of the Bootcamp Market 2021 report, they do. Top employers like Google, Apple, IBM, and Amazon hire graduates from a number of coding bootcamps such as General Assembly, App Academy, and Hack Reactor. 

An Indeed survey also revealed that a majority of employers have high confidence in coding bootcamp grads. Seventy-two percent of them think that coding bootcamp grads are just as prepared as computer science degree holders. This illustrates the general sentiment towards coding bootcamp grads, proving that you can get a job after coding bootcamp. 

Do Tech Companies Hire Bootcamp Grads?

Yes, tech companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft have added bootcamp graduates to their workforce. Apart from the Big Five, other tech companies that hire coding bootcamp graduates are Cisco, Mobify, Capital One Labs, Granicus, Razorfish, Access Development, and Eventbrite.

Tech firms aren’t the only companies that like to hire coding bootcamp graduates for full-time software developer positions and similar roles. Any company that requires coding, data analytics, project management, design, or digital marketing skills may hire the services of a coding bootcamp graduate. 

Does Google Hire Bootcamp Grads?

Yes, Google hires bootcamp grads in a variety of positions across its organization. The career page states that job applicants do not need a computer science degree for most of Google’s software engineering and product manager roles. This indicates that it is possible for people who received alternative education, including online bootcamp graduates, to work at Google.

According to Google, candidates with “a broad, interdisciplinary background” and “a strong understanding of computer science” typically excel in a software engineering career. It should be noted that while Google does hire developers straight out of coding bootcamps, those with more experience may still be preferred for certain roles that require a higher level of expertise.

What Google Looks For in an Employee

Many of the skills required for a job at Google are common skills required by any reputable employer. Technical skills are necessary for a Google job, especially if you are working in software engineering or product management, but soft skills are equally important. To help you prepare, this list highlights key skills you need to get a job at Google.

  • Computational Thinking. Google wants good communicators with excellent soft skills, but it also wants people who can think algorithmically. Employees, especially those in management roles, should be able to remove emotions and biases while on the job. You need to define the problem, provide logical solutions, and execute. 
  • Skill Diversity. The tech giant is looking for Googlers with vast knowledge across technical fields to apply for job opportunities. For example, a data analytics expert with a solid financial and project management background is more likely to get a job than someone with just data analytics skills. 
  • Adaptability. This skill is a given since Google is always interested in innovative thinkers who are always ready to evolve and adapt to technological change. After all, no industry is changing as rapidly as the tech industry, and Google is currently at the forefront of this change. So, you must demonstrate your ability to adapt. 
  • Googliness. “Googliness” is a colloquial term that has become popular in the technology industry. It describes a combination of traits that helps the hiring manager determine if you are the right fit for a position at Google. Your Googliness will be tested during the interview to see if you have the drive, vision, passion, and communication skills required for a Google job. 

College Degrees vs Bootcamps: Which Option Better Prepares Students to Work at Google? 

When comparing coding bootcamps vs degrees, it is difficult to say which option better prepares students to work at Google. Ultimately, it depends on what the role demands. Google is an equal-opportunity workplace that hires candidates based on a number of factors. Your background, political, religious, or sexual orientation is also irrelevant when working at Google.

However, your education and previous experience may influence the kind of roles you can get. For example, the major difference between coding bootcamps vs computer science (CS) degrees is the approach to teaching. If a role demands some experience in pair programming or real-world project deployment, a coding bootcamp graduate may fit the bill better. 

Below is a list of what Google is looking for in employees and how CS degrees or bootcamps can prepare you for respective roles. 

How a Degree Prepares You to Be the Perfect Google Employee

  • Well-Rounded Learning. While you can major in computer science or any other tech field in the university, you must take other electives and general education subjects for a well-rounded education. Since Google is interested in people with diverse skills, a college curriculum might be ideal. 
  • Advanced Degrees. Having a bachelor’s degree means you can advance to a master’s, and getting a master’s makes you an ideal candidate for a PhD. While Google says you do not need a degree to apply for most tech jobs, almost every currently available job lists master’s degrees and PhDs as preferred options. 
  • Networking Training. College provides networking opportunities for students involved and immersed in their degree programs. Apart from learning, you can start building your professional network by joining the right tech groups. Taking leadership and decision-making roles in such groups will give you a resume boost.
  • Leadership and Management. With a degree, especially an advanced degree, you will be in the best position to apply for leadership and management roles at Google. Most of these roles are only given to people with up to 10 years of industry experience. However, with an advanced degree, you can reduce the requirements for related experience. 

How a Bootcamp Prepares You to Be the Perfect Google Employee

  • Trending Industry Training. Most bootcamps that list Google as one of their hiring partners always look for the latest Google technologies. This means that the education you are getting is exactly what you need to get a job at Google. 
  • Passion and Drive. Bootcamps are challenging because of the time constraints. Making room to learn in-person or online for 50 to 70 hours every week shows that you have passion and drive for your career in technology. This shows a certain degree of Googliness. 
  • Hands-On Experience. Bootcamps emphasize hands-on experience over classroom theories. So, you will be learning how to code to master programming skills, build websites, analyze data, or complete digital marketing campaigns with real-world data. You will also master computational thinking during the bootcamp experience. 
  • Fast Pace. Since bootcamps offer accelerated training, you can take three to four programs a year without overwhelming yourself. This means that you can master different things and get the skill diversity Google demands from its workers. All you have to do as a coding bootcamp grad is apply yourself. 

What Google Jobs Are Available to Bootcamp Grads? 

Three people in a meeting sitting at a desk, one of which has a laptop
Anyone can get a job at Google if they can pass the technical interview process

Google Job Title Average Google Salary Average Salary (US) Best Bootcamp Option
Program Manager $251,259 $88,340 Product School
Senior Software Engineer $235,941 $123,327 Fullstack Academy
Business Analyst $158,660 $86,698 IAG Consulting Bootcamp
Data Analytics Lead $138,634 $70,736 General Assembly
Ads Privacy Specialist Manager $94,236 $58,498 Thinkful

Google Jobs for Bootcamp Grads: A Closer Look

We have established that Google does hire bootcamp graduates. You can apply for almost every Google job online on the official career page. The requirements for each position are always clearly stated as part of the description. Below are some great options for Google jobs that are suitable for bootcamp grads, as well as the best coding bootcamps for Google jobs.

Program Manager 

This is an in-person role available at Google’s New York office for people with experience in project management. You need experience in a leadership role and practical risk management experience like other project managers. While the recommended education is a bachelor’s degree, an equivalent might work, especially if you have professional working experience. 

How Product School Can Help You Become a Program Manager at Google 

Product School has been one of the best places to get project management certifications since founded in 2014. It has a host of free online courses that can help you get started, but getting paid education from the bootcamp will give you the best chance to get the job. Some graduates from Product School have already been placed at Google.

Senior Software Engineer

This software engineering position is one of the best jobs you can get at Google. You will need a bachelor’s degree or equivalent practical experience. So, it is an ideal job for coding bootcamp graduates with some professional experience. Experience in software testing cloud computing will give you an edge in your resume. 

How Fullstack Academy Can Help You Become a Senior Software Engineer at Google 

Fullstack Academy is one of the best coding bootcamps for Google jobs, evident in the number of alumni placed at the tech firm. Its 17-week immersive software engineering program is based on JavaScript programming. After the program, you will work with the career services team to get your dream job at Google.

Business Intelligence Analyst 

The business intelligence analyst position in Sunnyvale, California will require knowledge of quantitative analysis, data science, data analytics, and coding. You will also need in-depth knowledge of SQL and data visualization tools. Machine learning and artificial intelligence will give you an edge if you apply for this position. 

How IAG Consulting Bootcamp Can Help You Become a Business Intelligence Analyst at Google 

This is an online bootcamp that runs for about six weeks. It covers everything you need to know, including the fundamentals of business analysis, strategic analysis, quality assurance, data modeling, and UX/UI modeling. The business analysis bootcamp is one of the best options for this Google role because it breaches the gap between technology and business. 

Data Analytics Finance Lead

To become a data analyst, you may need more than your data analytics skills. Experience with project management in the financial industry will also help you succeed. Some technical skills you will need include SQL, quantitative modeling, and analytical modeling. 

How General Assembly Can Help You Become a Data Analytics Finance Lead at Google 

General Assembly is an excellent option for anyone interested in a reputable bootcamp with several hiring partners, including Google. It has several short data analytic courses and a more advanced 12-week data science bootcamp program. SQL, Tableau, Excel, machine learning, and predictive modeling are just a few things you can learn at General Assembly.

Ads Privacy Specialist Manager

This in-person position is for people who live in or are willing to relocate to the US. The qualified candidate for the Ads Privacy Specialist Manager role must have effective communication and interpersonal skills. Apart from being efficient at digital marketing, they should also have expertise and knowledge of Google ad products.

How Thinkful Can Help You Become an Ads Privacy Specialist Manager at Google 

Thinkful has a three-month online bootcamp that specifically covers digital marketing and all the related technologies. The bootcamp is affordable and offers on-demand assistance from live coaches whenever you get stuck. All bootcamp students also get career coaching and job services, preparing them to become well-rounded candidates for jobs at Google. 

Can a Coding Bootcamp Get Me a Job at Google? 

Yes, you can get a job at Google with a coding bootcamp. Google is one Big Five tech companies that hire people without technology degrees for most positions. The tech giant has made it clear that the right combination of skills is more important than a four-year degree. Google has hired bootcamp graduates for roles like software engineers and program managers.

However, it’s important to note that a coding bootcamp will not automatically get you into Google. Coding bootcamps can only get you hired by Google, or any other tech company, if you commit to a rigorous training program, complete all lesson materials and projects, and take advantage of the job assistance services. 

Does Google Hire Bootcamp Grads? FAQ

Do employers recognize bootcamps?

Most employers in the United States recognize bootcamps as post-secondary institutions that offer accelerated vocational training. Today, more employers hire bootcamp grads to fill in roles that require programming knowledge, hands-on experience, and job-specific skills. However, due to the lack of regulation in the bootcamp industry, you need to make sure that the bootcamp you attend is reputable. 

Can I get a job with a coding bootcamp certificate? 

Yes, you can get a job after coding bootcamp using your coding bootcamp certificate of completion. While it does not carry the same weight as a college degree or a certification, a coding bootcamp certificate can help you land a job. It serves as proof of training and signifies that you have adequate competencies to perform the relevant job. You can also become an independent contractor or work for a non-tech company that needs your services.  

Is it worth working at Google?

Yes, working at Google is worth it as it comes with various perks like lucrative pay. Google career benefits also extend beyond health and mental wellness. Google employees are entitled to paid time off, flexible working arrangements, resources to help them advance their careers, on-site meals, and snacks, and family support assistance. It is a great place to start or advance your career in technology.

Does Google pay bootcamp hires less?

It is not clear if Google pays bootcamp hires less than other hires. However, as an equal opportunity employer, we can expect Google to not discriminate against employees based on their academic qualifications or industry experience. Google Career page also states that the final salary offer will be strictly tied to the responsibilities associated with their roles at Google.

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