Is Boston University a Good School? Boston University Rankings and Reviews

Choosing where to attend college is an important decision if you intend to get an undergraduate or graduate degree, no matter your chosen field of study. If you’re considering Boston University, or BU, you may be wondering “Is Boston University a good school?”. This article aims to help college students thinking of applying to this elite school find the answer to this question.

Throughout this article, we take a look at Boston University’s ranking, BU reviews, and other important details, such as its acceptance rate and average class size, to help you make a decision. You’ll also learn about what BU is known for and whether or not it’s an Ivy League school.

Boston University Profile

  • Campus Location(s): Boston
  • Accreditation: New England Commission of Higher Education
  • Acceptance Rate: 19%
  • Graduation Rate: 89%
  • Annual Undergraduate Tuition: $61,050
  • Annual Graduate Tuition: $23,040 to $88,250

Established in 1839, Boston University is a private research university in Boston, the largest city in Massachusetts. This excellent university offers undergraduate certificate, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, graduate certificate, and doctoral degree programs across a wide range of areas including social sciences, business management, and mechanical engineering.

A member of the Association of American Universities, Boston University has a student body of 36,104 undergraduate and graduate students and a 10-to-one student-faculty ratio, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Boston University is a great place for student activities, with more than 500 student clubs that seek to improve the social life of students on a daily basis.

Where Is Boston University?

Boston University is located in Boston, Massachusetts. Boston University’s main campus, known as the Charles River campus, is approximately 169 acres. The university also has a campus in Fenway Park, which houses the Campus Center & Student Residence, Riverway House, Pilgrim House, and Longwood House.

BU also has study abroad and internship programs set up in different locations across the world. It has campuses in London, Paris, Sydney, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Milan, and more, making it an excellent school for students looking to broaden their world view. It is also an excellent university for anyone who loves the city life.

What Is Boston University Known For?

Boston University is known for its highly respected academic programs, its study abroad programs, and its BU Hub. With a 10-to-one student-faculty ratio and a small average class size, its students have the privilege of receiving plenty of individual attention from the school’s amazing professors during lectures and training.

The university also offers several study abroad programs in different locations across the world including Australia, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, France, Ireland, Israel, and Italy. With a vibrant party scene, Boston University’s reputation as a bit of a party school definitely contribute’s to the school’s freshman experience.

The BU Hub is a general education hub that provides a variety of interdisciplinary courses that prepare students for the professional world. The Hub’s six areas of focus include quantitative reasoning, philosophical, aesthetic, and historical interpretation, scientific and social inquiry, diversity, civic engagement, and global citizenship, communication, and building an intellectual toolkit.

Is Boston University Ivy League?

No, Boston University isn’t an Ivy League school. That being said, it has excellent academic standards and research opportunities that make Ivy League schools, such as Harvard University and Princeton Univerity, stand out. Ambitious students often want to get into one of these colleges because of their academic quality and the opportunities for employment they provide after graduation.

How Big Is Boston University?

Boston University is very big, with 32,718 students and a 169-acre campus. Woven into the city of Boston, you’ll often find some of its buildings sandwiched between other public and private buildings. Because the city of Boston has several colleges offering a wide variety of academic programs, BU is an excellent school to meet both undergraduate students and international students from other colleges.

Is a Degree From Boston University Good?

Yes, a degree from BU is good. It has high academic standards, and has high standing in several national and international rankings. The school is one of the most reputable universities in the United States, with programs taught by some of the most amazing professors in the country.

How Much Does Boston University Cost?

Boston University costs $61,050 per year in tuition with an additional $1,310 in fees for both resident and commuter undergraduate students. Other expenses include books & supplies, estimated at $1,000, incidentals, estimated at $3,850 for commuters and $2,000 for residents, a room and meal plan for residents, which is $17,400, and meals on campus for commuters, estimated at $2,570.

Boston University Financial Aid

At its current tuition cost, BU can be expensive. Funding does not have to be the limiting factor to attending the university of your choice. You can get financial aid to attend. The university offers specific scholarships and programs for different categories of students to help them get through college. All you have to do is to find the best option for you.

Boston University Scholarships

  • Trustee Scholarship. This is BU’s best-known scholarship and it is open to all students regardless of whether they are US citizens, permanent residents, or international students.
  • Presidential Scholarship. This scholarship is geared toward first-year students with excellent academic track records and who have also proven leaders in their communities. Anyone can access this scholarship regardless of nationality.
  • National Merit Scholarship. To become eligible for this scholarship, you must be a finalist in the National Merit Competition and select BU as your first-choice scholarship.
  • College Board National Recognition Programs. This scholarship was created for students with exceptional academic records, which makes them eligible for a total of $25,000.
  • College of Engineering FIRST Robotics. This scholarship offers $25,000 for students applying to the College of Engineering and who participated in at least one season with a FIRST Robotics team.

Boston University Rankings

In these Boston University rankings, we are going to look at where the university stands in different acclaimed rankings. These university rankings include US News & World Report, Times Higher Education (THE) Ranking, Center for World University Rankings, QS World University Rankings, and Academic Ranking of World Universities.

Boston University US News & World Report Ranking

Boston University appears in several rankings by US News & World Report. It is listed as #42 among national universities, tied with several other institutions including the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Tulane University, and the University of Wisconsin. It is also ranked #38 on the Best Value Schools list and #70 on the Most Innovative Schools list.

Boston University Times Higher Education Ranking

Boston University is ranked #62 in the Times Higher Education (THE) Ranking for 2022. It also ranks 81-90th in the THE World Reputation Rankings 2021. This top ranking is a reflection of its investment in research and scientific exploration, experienced faculty, substantial funding, and enjoys an enviable reputation that puts it in the bloc of the best schools you can find. So, if you are looking for where to get your academic degree, then BU is definitely a good bet.

Boston University Center for World University Rankings

According to the Center for World University Rankings, Boston University is #49 in the national ranking and #91 in the world rank. BU is also ranked #66 in the Research Performance Rank, according to data for the 2020-2021 period.

Boston University QS World University Rankings

The QS World University Rankings is created by Top Universities, and features over 1,300 institutions globally. Boston University ranks #108 for the 2023 period and is listed as one of the top universities in Boston.

Boston University Academic Ranking of World Universities (AWRU)

Boston University ranks #37 in National/Regional Universities Ranking by the Academic Ranking of World Universities (AWRU). According to their world ranking, BU is among the #101-150 universities.

Top Programs at Boston University

Students in graduation down throwing their hats in the air

Boston University offers several bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and doctoral degree  programs. Keep reading to see an overview of BU’s academic offer, and find options that match your education and career goals.

Bachelor’s Degrees at Boston University

The academic offer at BU includes over 100 undergraduate degrees you can choose when pursuing your bachelor’s. Some of the most popular programs include Business, Communication, Journalism, Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Psychology, and Computer and Information Sciences.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) provides students with the tools and knowledge to understand and succeed in the business world. Students are required to complete at least one functional concentration, which provides them with the chance to do a deep dive in their chosen area.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

If you’re hoping to become a software engineer, systems administrator, or work as a research and development professional in the private or public sectors, the BS in Computer Science is a great choice. The skills you learn through this program can open doors for you in a wide variety of industries and help you build a successful career.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The BA in Psychology prepares students to pursue graduate studies in psychology, medicine, law, and a variety of additional fields. It trains students on the basic scientific methods used to understand, describe, and explain human behaviour.

Master’s Degrees at Boston University

Boston University offers over 200 master’s degrees to students, ranging from fine arts and humanities to tech and science.

Master of Science in Civil Engineering

This graduate degree program prepares students for a rewarding career in civil engineering. Students enrolled in the program learn the theory and hands-on practice on civil engineering, construction, design, maintenance, and repair.

Master of Business Administration

The MBA offered by BU can be taken full time, part time, or online. Students learn about responsible business leadership, effective communication, critical and analytical thinking, and the essence of the entrepreneurial mindset.

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

The MS in Electrical Engineering prepares students for technically challenging careers in a variety of industries. It also sets them up for further studies in electrical engineering and related fields. Students need to choose a specialization, such as systems and control, signal processing and communication, or materials, circuits and devices.

Other Top Programs at Boston University

In addition to excellent bachelor’s and master’s degrees, Boston University also offers students a wide variety of doctoral degrees so they can further advance in their studies, as well as certificate programs. Keep reading to learn about some of their popular degrees at this academic level.

PhD in Computing & Data Sciences

This PhD in Computing and Data Sciences prepares students to extract insights from data, design new information systems, and create products that can make an impact in all areas of society, including the economy, public disclosure, and art and sciences.

PhDs in Neuroscience and Computational Neuroscience

This cutting-edge program prepares students to combine skills and knowledge in neuroscience and computational science. It is an interdisciplinary program where students have the ability to collaborate with various schools and departments at BU, giving them a broad view of the importance of these skills and their application.

Computer Science & IT Graduate Certificate Program

The Computer Science & IT Graduate Certificate Program is taught fully online and allows you to bolster your CV. It prepares students on a variety of topics, providing them with intensive training in various IT areas, and giving them an overview of emerging technologies and recent developments in computer science.

How to Apply to Boston University

  1. Fill out your application. The first step is to go to the BU website and fill out their common application. Here, you will need to provide information about yourself and your educational goals.
  2. Submit your transcripts. Make sure to submit your transcripts and upload them to the BU admissions platform.
  3. Submit a letter of recommendation. Obtain a letter of recommendation. BU asks that this recommendation come from your school counselor, who will need to submit the School Report form and the School Counselor Recommendation form found on the application.
  4. Obtain a teacher evaluation. You will also need to ask one of your teachers to submit an evaluation through the BU website.
  5. Fulfill any additional requirements. Depending on your selected program, there may be additional requirements. Make sure to check with a BU representative and ensure you have all you need to apply successfully.

How Much Do Boston University Graduates Earn?

Boston University graduates earn between $80,000-$120,000 annually. How much you will earn as a graduate of Boston University will depend on a lot of factors, including your degree, level of experience, certifications, state of residence, and industry.

Is Boston University a Good College?

Yes, Boston University is a good college. The university sits high in the top rankings globally, and that is due to the excellent academic programs, research opportunities, high-ranking faculty, and several other factors.

In addition to having a solid list of academic programs, the university boasts excellent research opportunities, experienced faculty, substantial funding, and a campus in one of the most exciting urban centers in the east coast.

Is Boston University a Good School? FAQ

Is Boston University considered a good school?

Yes, BU is considered a good school. It has been acknowledged by multiple international rankings, such as the US News and World Report Ranking and the Times Higher Education ranking, for its academic excellence, contributions to research, and student satisfaction.

What makes BU a good school?

What makes BU a good school is a combination of factors. They include the wide academic offer, which includes bachelor’s, masters’s, and doctoral degrees, their emphasis on research and innovation, and its excellent support systems to help students thrive.

Are students happy at Boston University?

Yes, students are generally happy at Boston University. In addition to academic excellence, BU students generally enjoy life in Boston, which offers a great deal of sports, concerts, and other social and cultural events.

Is it difficult to get into Boston University?

Yes, it is difficult to get into Boston University. It is a selective school, with only 25 percent of applicants being admitted each application round on average. In order to be accepted, you need to be a well-rounded student with good grades, clear professional goals, and involvement in extracurricular activities.

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