How to Write a Women Empowerment Essay for Students

Women’s empowerment means giving power to women. Make them financially and educationally independent so they may stop depending on others and make decisions for their advancement. It means that, regardless of discrimination, women should be allowed equal opportunities in all fields.

Women Empowerment in India

According to the 2011 Census, women comprise 48.5% of the country’s population. Given how quickly society changes, women’s empowerment is becoming increasingly essential and significant. Women’s self-confidence is greatly boosted by education, which also helps them modify their social standing. Education gives people the ability and confidence to make better judgments. Women can become financially stable through skill development and microfinance, ending their reliance on social assistance. Education for women also entails education for the entire family.

Certain clauses in the Indian Constitution place a special emphasis on empowering women and preventing discrimination against them in society. Article 14 discusses legal equality. It provide rights for women specifically under Article 15. Since women are essential to human growth, some governments have introduced programs to help women advance in societies where men predominate.

How to Write a Women Empowerment Essay?

One of the apparent essay themes is the essay on women empowerment UPSC. Women empowerment essay in English is not particularly difficult for pupils who are fluent in the language. Women empowerment topic is vast and not only an essay but also impressively written short note on women empowerment appeal the most. However the article on women empowerment must contain the fact that women experience the same types of ill-treatment and discrimination everywhere wherever women empowerment short note gives the brief description about the topic. Women empowerment in India essay is on of the top trending topic and usually students get two types of women empowerment essays in English, Hindi or their regional language:-

  1. Short essay on women’s empowerment in English
  2. Long women empowerment essay

The difference between the two types of women empowerment essays is their word counts, with the former requiring 500–800 words while the latter calling for 1500–2000. Knowledge of the subject and writing abilities are very important when writing an essay. Normally, bullet points are what catch people’s eyes, but when the subject is social, as in “write an essay on women empowerment in India,” paragraphs are far more important. Whenever the topic is women empowerment essay in India then it should be descriptive and the tone should not be offensive. An introduction and a clear definition of the topic should be in the first paragraph on women empowerment essay.

The flow of essay writing women empowerment would be too challenging, hence it women empowerment essay shouldn’t be extremely complicated and maintain a pertinent momentum. This momentum comes with study and writing practices. It makes it logical to provide them with a topic to write about that they are familiar with and have some experience with. Additionally, the topic must be relevant to the audience. However, students might use many web articles on women’s emancipation as references. Student writing essays is aided by a brief note on the subject of women’s empowerment. Additionally, teachers can assign children homework short essay on women’s empowerment in English.

Components of a Women Empowerment Essay

There is still a need for for girls’ education. The education make them aware of their rights and responsibilities towards themselves along with house and society. Regardless of gender, women must be offered equal chances in all fields. Additionally, they must receive equal compensation. By outlawing child marriage, we can empower women. There are five pillars of women empowerment essay, in this regard:-

  1. Their sense of self-worth
  2. Right to make and exercise choices
  3. Their access to opportunities and resources
  4. Women’s right to have the authority to manage their own personal, social, and professional lives
  5. Their role in social reinforcement, domestic and global economic order

In this context, key tools for women empowerment essay includes asserts on rights of all females of all age group including education, training, awareness-raising, boosting self-confidence, expanding choices, increasing access to and control over resources, and taking action to transform the structures and institutions that support and perpetuate gender discrimination and inequality.

What is Women Empowerment?

Women’s empowerment means supporting women in their sense of self-worth, their freedom to make their own decisions, and their right to have an impact on social change for both themselves and other people. It is a strategy used to provide them with the ability to have equal opportunities in all sectors, regardless of caste, creed, or color. Earlier women were not allowed to get an education, employment, and the right to decide for themselves. They had followed the instructions given by a male-dominated society. But women’s enforcement has changed the scenarios, and it is working for their right education and efforts to make them independent.

Feminist empowerment forces to diminish the stigma of child marriage, domestic as well as social violence, and abusive behavior toward women in any society. Divorce is stigmatized for women in India, which is why they are forced to dwell in the unhealthy surroundings of their in-laws’ homes. Most of them make suicide attempts. Ladies’ empowerment shows these women and their parents that getting a divorce is preferable to living with abuse for the rest of their lives.

What is the need for Women Empowerment?

Almost all nations, regardless of how progressive they are, have a history of mistreating women. In other words, women have been rebellious throughout history to achieve the standing they do today. Third-world nations like India still lag in terms of women’s empowerment while western nations continue to advance.

Women empowerment is more important than ever in India. India is one of the nations where women are not safe. This is due to several factors. First off, honor killings pose a threat to women in India. If they damage the legacy of their family, their family believes it is appropriate to have them killed.

Additionally, this picture of freedom and knowledge is rather backward. Young marriages prevent women from pursuing further education. In other areas, men continue to rule over women as if they owe them nothing but service. They deny them any freedom or opportunity to leave the house.

In India, domestic violence is a significant issue as well. Because male-dominated societies in India believe that women are their property, the males beat up and abuse their wives. In a similar vein, women who do work are compensated less than men. Paying someone less for the same labor because of their gender is blatantly unjust and sexist. As a result, women need to be empowered, and society as a whole has to evolve from its traditional mindset.

How to enable Women’s Empowerment

There are various ways for women empowerment, but ideally, the five mentioned below are the most prevalent:-


Education is the cornerstone of growth because it fosters analytical thinking, knowledge, and the capacity for independent decision-making. Unfortunately, the females were not there. However, the Indian government did a good imitation of this with “Beti Bachao Beti Padao.” This program offers females a variety of educational possibilities so they can grow and empower not only themselves but also the following generation, society, and country.

Financial independence

Many women still have trouble becoming independent, even when they are educated. Government-sponsored initiatives in this area include “Make in India” and “Mudra Loans,” which promote skill development. This initiative supports women in particular in launching their businesses and achieving financial independence.

Restrict sex-selective abortion

The sex ratio in India is 108.8 males per 100 females. This imbalance ratio is because of sex-selective abortions. People in urban and rural India are still doing this sin, though it is punishable crime. It has underlying causes that need to be identified and mitigated, not only through government initiatives but also via public education.

Support them in Crises

Millions of girls are victims of crimes like child labor, trafficking, and abuse. By giving qualified local employees the resources they require to conduct training, education, counseling, healthcare, small business loans, and other programs, women’s empowerment is used to safeguard them. There are various NGOs, and women’s welfare organizations practicing to uplift such females by assisting in the break-up of cycles of gender-based violence.

Adoption of Girl child

Teen violence, underperforming schools, and poverty are obstacles for many girls growing up in India. Offering an individual’s services as a tutor or mentor is a great initiative regarding women’s empowerment.

An Opportunity with Chegg for all Women

Chegg India is an online educational platform. It is a well-known brand among online educational platforms and especially supports women’s empowerment through its TBS and Q&A sections. The platform reduces gender discrimination by giving both men and women equal opportunities to advance their careers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What are the 5 types of empowerment?

Ans. There are various types of empowerment, and the top five are as mentioned below:-

  1. Educational Empowerment
  2. Women empowerment
  3. Economic Empowerment
  4. Social empowerment
  5. Individual empowerment

Q.2 How can we empower our women?

Ans. To empower women, the people and the government must work together. Making education for girls compulsory will enable them to become self-sufficient and illiterate. Women has the right to get equal opportunities in all industries, regardless of gender. Additionally, they must receive equal compensation. The child marriage ban will empower women. To enable students to learn how to support themselves in the event of a financial emergency, a variety of courses must be provided. Society and government has to take strict action against the stigma of abuse and divorce.

Q.3 Why is Women’s Empowerment so important?

Ans. Young marriages prevent women from pursuing further education. Domestic violence is a serious problem in India as well. In a similar vein, women get less than men for their work. It is patently unfair and sexist to pay someone less for performing the same work because of their gender. In result of this women need empowerment and equal rights.

Q.4 How to Write an Essay on Women’s Empowerment?

Ans. A women empowerment essay writing has many challenges because it is a vast topic. Therefore, students need to follow the below-mentioned steps to write a women empowerment essay:-

  1. Choose the subject matter and unique as well as meaningful title
  2. Collects all the topic-related required information
  3. Maintain a flow of sensible ideas and writing throughout the essay
  4. Definition, importance, scope to grow kind of sub-sections can make the women empowerment essay intact.
  5. Keep the language and its tone easier and more progressive while writing a women empowerment essay.

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