Free Online Coding Classes for High School Students

Many adults feel that coding is too complicated for children. The truth is, coding isn’t as hard as people think. In fact, everyone can learn to code. Bill Gates wrote his first program at only 13 years old. Mark Zuckerberg learned programming while he was still in middle school. Whether your child goes on to become a tech industry giant or simply finds a love for computers in their free time, coding is a vital skill and is only getting more important as the tech world advances. So, your child is interested in coding…where do you start? Career Karma is here to provide our top picks for online coding classes for high school students.

4 Best Free Online Coding Classes for High Schoolers

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Learning to code is even more fun with friends!

There are hundreds of

online coding bootcamps

and courses to choose from. Here are four of the best free online coding classes for high school students. These sites and programs take vital aspects of coding and present them in a fun and engaging way

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Scratch by MIT

Scratch is an online platform where kids can create, program, and share interactive media such as games, stories, and animations. The program is majorly popular among children of middle school and high school age. While specifically designed for children ages 8-16, people of all ages would enjoy using this platform as a creative and user-friendly approach to coding. ScratchJr is also available for children ages 5-7. This program is currently maintained by the MIT Media Lab.


Prominently known for its “Hour of Code” initiative, has an impressive library of tutorials and courses for people of all ages. The site engages users with content featuring popular cartoons and games. The website is sectioned off by school grade, which makes finding the right activity for you easier than ever.



Brought to you by Microsoft, Kudo is specifically used to show Kids the magic of creating video games. The program runs on Xbox, which allows for a simple interface that many children are already familiar with. The language is simple and entirely icon-based. While not as cut-and-dry as other advanced programs, Kudo gives people of all ages an engaging platform to experiment with coding concepts.



Codecadmey is a popular programming educational platform for adults and kids alike. This program is best suited for high schoolers, in particular. Codecademy shows you how to write real code in a variety of programming languages, all within the comfort of your web browser. The program offers both free and paid options.

Want to Teach Your Children to Code?

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Teaching your children to code can be simple and engaging!

What better way for children to learn to code than by their parents teaching them? There are many resources out there for adults learning to code, some of which are coding bootcamps. Career Karma can help you find your ideal

coding bootcamp

. Once you’ve mastered your own coding skills, you can pass them on to your children!

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