Attending a Coding Bootcamp as an International Student

Working in the tech industry is an appealing prospect for people around the world, and an international coding bootcamp is one of the fastest ways to gain the required technical skills. Many international students choose coding bootcamps over traditional college degrees because they offer far more flexibility. 

The best coding bootcamps are known for providing short, skill-based courses that prepare students for specific jobs in the tech industry, such as software developer, data analyst, or machine learning engineer. This article will discuss the best coding bootcamps for international students, what getting a visa is like, and the possibilities afforded by online bootcamps.

Do Coding Bootcamps Accept International Students?

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An international coding bootcamp is a great way to learn the practical skills you need for a range of entry-level careers in tech.

There are coding bootcamps for international students in many countries, including the US, Canada, India, and the UK. Many bootcamps prioritize diversity and encourage students from all over the globe to attend. However, it is important to remember that just because a bootcamp accepts international students doesn’t mean they can sponsor your visa. 

Another thing to consider is that many bootcamps offer a job placement guarantee, which usually means it will refund your tuition if you don’t land a job within a certain period after graduation. This offer may be contingent upon your eligibility to work in the country where the bootcamp is located, so it is a good idea to speak with a representative from the school about your situation.

Do I Need a Visa for a Coding Bootcamp?

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Getting a visa is an important step if you are an international student enrolling in a coding bootcamp.

You do need a visa to attend a coding bootcamp as an international student, particularly if you want to study in person. Some schools, such as Coding Dojo, allow international students to take online programs without a visa. If you enroll in an online coding bootcamp as an international student, you might have limited payment plans available. Below, we detail how to get a coding bootcamp student visa. 

Types of Visa for International Students

The first step in this process is identifying which kind of visa to apply for. There are four types of visas available for international students studying in the US, and the best one for you will depend on your situation and the length of your program. 

F1 Student Visa

An F1 Student Visa is the most common academic visa, and it is required to attend most educational institutions, such as high schools and universities. However, gaining an F1 Visa for a coding bootcamp is uncommon because these schools are rarely accredited. 

M1 Student Visa

An M1 Student Visa is designed for students attending vocational programs, such as cosmetology or flight school. International coding bootcamp students sometimes apply for an M1 Visa if their program is going to last longer than three months. To gain an M1 Student Visa, you’ll need to be accepted into a school approved by the Student Exchange Visitor Program (SVEP). 

J1 Visa

A J1 Visa is a visitor visa for those enrolled in cultural exchange or short-term career training programs. This is the visa typically used by au pairs, seasonal workers, and interns. It has broader restrictions than the F1 and M1 Student Visas, but you will need to be attending an institution recognized by the Student Exchange Visitor Program. 

B2 Tourist Visa

This is the standard visa most temporary visitors apply for. B2 Tourist Visa holders are permitted to enroll in short courses of study that do not provide credit toward a degree. Many international students attend short coding bootcamps using a Tourist Visa. Keep in mind that you will not be permitted to seek employment and the steps to apply vary depending on your country. 

Will My Coding Bootcamp Help Me Get a Visa?

In general, your coding bootcamp will not help you get a visa. You can reach out to admissions counselors at your chosen school if you have any questions about its policies for international students, but the process of applying for a visa will be your responsibility. 

Best Coding Bootcamps for International Students

Some of the best coding bootcamps for international students in the US include Hack Reactor, Kenzie Academy, and App Academy. All of these schools have experience working with international students and provide information about their related policies online. There are also international coding bootcamps, like Le Wagon, that have multiple campuses around the globe.

Kenzie Academy

Kenzie Academy offers bootcamp programs in full stack web development, UX design, cyber security, and software engineering. The school welcomes international students and is unique in that it is accredited through its association with Southern New Hampshire University. Kenzie Academy does state that international students may experience limitations with job placement and career services. 

Hack Reactor

Hack Reactor is another promising coding bootcamp for international students. The school’s website lays out what payment options are available and what limitations international students might experience regarding job placement. Hack Reactor also offers live online programs to students all over the globe.  

App Academy

Though App Academy cannot help you get a visa, it does welcome foreign applicants and students from all technical backgrounds. While international students are generally required to cover tuition upfront, their payment gives them access to the same high-quality career services and career coaches as non-international students.

Bootcamp Payment Options for International Students

As an international student of a coding bootcamp, you might have more limited payment options than local students. It is rare for international students to qualify for deferred payment options and job guarantees because of the complications that come with acquiring permanent work visas. Most international students must pay tuition upfront.     

An International Online Coding Bootcamp Is Also a Good Choice

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There are remote coding bootcamps for international students available at many top schools, allowing anyone with Internet access to gain key skills needed to land jobs in tech.

If you want to attend a coding bootcamp, but aren’t interested in dealing with the complications that go into studying in person, an online bootcamp might be right for you. There are completely remote full-time and part-time programs available from top coding schools. Without having to travel, you can master critical skills and top programming languages to land your dream job in tech. 

Some remote coding bootcamps for international students offer live lectures and workshops, so you will have to be mindful of time zones. Other options allow you to set your own schedule and learn at your own pace. Wherever you live, there’s a real chance you have access to the training you need to acquire new skills and forge a career you love.

Coding Bootcamp for International Students FAQ

How can a foreign student attend a coding bootcamp in the US?

A foreign student can attend a coding bootcamp in the US by applying for a school that accepts international students and attaining the appropriate visa. Some potential coding bootcamps for international students include Kenzie Academy, Hack Reactor, and App Academy. 

Can I attend a coding bootcamp as a non-visa holder?

You can attend a coding bootcamp as a non-visa holder if you are attending an online program. This is because online programs do not require you to visit the US or reside inside the country for any period of time.

Are there accredited coding bootcamps for international students?

There are a few accredited coding bootcamps for international students, including Kenzie Academy and NYC Data Science Academy. Codeup and the Turing School of Software & Design are also accredited.  

Is it legal to attend a coding bootcamp on a Tourist Visa?

It is legal to attend a coding bootcamp on a Tourist Visa in general, though you will not be able to work while you study or seek employment after you complete your program without applying for permanent residency or a work visa. 

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